The Icon Bar Technology news and views Installing the new ROM release for your Titanium Elesar emailed all its clients and announced on the newsgroups that there was a new software update for the Titanium. In this article we will download and install it with a sequel to look at the new features. Are the RISC OS show dates on your calendar? It may seem a long way off with the long summer holidays stretching out to there distant horizon, but September and October will come round all too quickly. Treasure trove of RISC OS games at JASPP site We try to flag up interesting sites you might have missed or are worth revisiting (let us know if you have any suggestions). In our previous item we reminded you about Exploring Mathematical shapes in RISC OS. This time it is all about games.... New release of Cyborg from AMCOG games When we interviewed Tony from AMCOG games, he told us about his exciting plans for developing and enhancing new games. How popular are RISC OS sites online? Just as in life, there are lots of different ways of measuring and estimating popularity. Online one of the ways you can do this is to use a tool called Alexa. This gives sites a ranking based on how popular Alexa thinks the site is (so number 1 is RISC OS software to download from !PackMan In a previous article we looked at !PackMan and !Store. In this article we are going to highlight some of the software available in !PackMan and ask for your suggestions. Elesar updates Font Directory Pro to 3.21 Given the 12 years between the last 2 releases of Font Directory Pro, an update 6 months after the last release is really good news. Previously, this very slick Font Manager from LookSystems languished until adopted by Elesar. Disappearing websites In the last few weeks some websites of interested to RISC OS users have disappeared. What development tools do we need ported to RISC OS In a previous article, I talked about software updates we would like to see at the next show. Latest Drag'n'Drop magazine reviewed If you miss the Acorn magazines from yesterday, then Drag'n'Drop is definitely the magazine for you with its mix of news, reviews and lots of hands on technical items. The magazine is published 4 times as year as a PDF (which you can read on any machine).